Anonymous said: she's boring because she's private and doesn't engage in insulting and senseless drama like some women of Real Housewife or Basketball Wives fame. Also it's like HELLO! she's a grown women who is confident and satisfied with her life and herself; a person like that doesn't need others gaze or opinions in her affairs.

Agreed! If thats what they call boring then so be it! Beyonce’s job is to be an “entertainer, & a performer” & I think she does a pretty good damn job at it!.  I think there comes a time when you have to separate the 2 (personal & celebrity) life! The public eye shouldn’t know about EVERY little THING in your life & shes found that balance. She was never one for the drama No where does it state that she has to act out of character,& dress in crazy clothes for ppl to love her. She’s “REAL”, & doesn’t give a flying fxck about what anybody thinks! Ppl are so used to the glitz, glam, & drama filled fantasy they forgot what a true genuine artist was! smh

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